Jaxon is turning TWO – West Molesey, Surrey

This weekend we had a little party at Sandown Play Cafe in Esher, Surrey to celebrate Jaxon’s 2nd birthday. He will be officially 2 on Wednesday and I can’t believe it has been 2 years since we welcomed (rather unexpectedly) our tiny baby boy into the world. Jaxon was 12 weeks early and weighed 2lb 2oz, he spent a very long 10 weeks at Kingston neonatal unit with a wonderful team of doctors and nurses caring for him.

Kingston Hospital Neonatal Unit

You would never look at Jaxon now and think he started his little life fighting for it. Jaxon is the most incredible little boy, full of so much love, happiness and giggles.  He is so strong willed and determined in everything he does and I think he will always be this way after being such a little fighter. Jaxon is such a sweet natured little boy, watching him around family and friends makes me so proud as I watch the way he is with others and see a reflection of what Ben and I have shown him through loving him.

I may not of chosen the way life began with Jaxon but looking back now I wouldn’t change it because from going through that journey it proved to me just how incredibly strong I am as a person, how amazing I was to deal with it all how I did and I have met the most wonderful people and made some really amazing friends who will always be close to me in a way that no others will understand.


As we celebrate Jaxon’s 2nd birthday I will always remember and be forever grateful to everyone who cared for Jaxon and giving him the wonderful life he has today.

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