Neonatal Photoshoots – Kingston Hospital, Surrey

After having Jaxon I remember coming home and looking back over all of the many photos I had taken of him on my phone and I thought to myself how I wish I had taken in my camera to capture some of Jaxon’s time on the unit when he was so tiny.  When you are there on the neonatal unit, taking photos is the last thing on your mind really and you almost don’t want to have lots of photos of such a challenging time in your life however it’s not until you arrive back home that you think how nice it would have been to of had some precious moments of you and your baby in those early days to allow you to look back on just how tiny, perfect and amazing they were.

Being a newborn and family photographer I decided that I wanted to be that person to offer this option to parents on the unit, so after speaking to a few people at Kingston neonatal unit I was given the go ahead to be able to offer mini photo shoots to parents on the unit.  You will see my posters up on the unit advertising what I offer, I don’t do it to make any money from it, it’s just my time and a way of giving something back I feel.

You contact me, we arrange a time that suits for me to come in and then I will spend about half an hour with you capturing photos of you all together, mum and baby, dad and baby and some of baby on their own.  I like to focus on showing how tiny they are by capturing their little hands and feet and using your hands or an item such as a ring to show the size.  I then go home and edit all the images, pick out the best ones and then send them all across for you to cherish.  There is no catch to my offer it is just me wanting to give something to parents that I know I would have loved to of had done.

Once you arrive home from the neonatal unit, if you would like me to come and visit you again at your home I can do this and I offer a reduced package for a 1 hour family photo shoot with all the images included.  My packages can be found here.

Sophie Ludwell Photography is a Surrey and South London based photographer specialising in neonatal photography, newborn photography, baby photography and family photo shoots in and around East Molesey, West Molesey, Kingston, Teddington, Thames Ditton, Esher, Cobham, Weybridge, Walton-On-Thames, Twickenham, Richmond and Hampton.